The mind behind the music

Lost in music?

Today there’s an abundance of music for you to listen to. We make it easy for you to choose the right kind of music for any given time and place.

Your personal guide

The creation of your personal music experience is based on three key elements: context-orientation, subjectivity and personalization.

Powered by people

Our unique cooperation between music experts, researchers and engineers results in powerful and user-friendly products.


The most advanced music engine yet

We’ve created cutting edge software built on proprietary technology. A richly annotated music database creates highly personalized playlists. Thanks to context-based recommendations you can enjoy music in an intuitive and effective way.

  • Dynamic playlists are generated without effort or music knowledge
  • Each new music request results in a unique playlist
  • Playlists are updated automatically with new music
  • Playlists can be personalized easily
  • Music selection is adjusted automatically to suit regional tastes and traditions



Based on the Aristo Music Engine, this online music service is developed specifically for business environments. With its intuitive interface, it has never been easier to create the right musical atmosphere and increase your sales.

Visit the Tunify website for more info:



Take your customer experience to the next level. We can provide you with a custom application to bring your brand to your customers. Connecting with your customers through music in your stores has never been easier or more powerful.

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Aristo Music Technology

Aristo Music Technology is a spin-off company founded by Benito Stans at the University of Leuven in Belgium.

Our team works together with Prof. Dr. ir. Erik Duval at the HCI research group. To improve our music technology, we've also worked on several research projects with the Laboratory of Experimental Psychology.

Aristo Music Technology has license agreements with several music rights organisations like Sabam, Simim, Sena as well as several local organisations.




Join us!

We are always looking for talented people who share our love of music.
Join our team of experienced music experts and passionate software engineers today.

Currently we have no specific job opportunities, but feel free to send in your CV at


Aristo Music Technology NV
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Houthalen-Helchteren 3530
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